London Registered Homeopath


Areas of particular interest

I have been prone to eczema since birth and therefore it became a special interest topic. In the course of researching and testing on myself I learned about treating the body holisitically. Trying to heal my own problems led me to train more and more in different topics and approaches to full body/mind/emotional health. Given that I have been involved in my own natural healing since 1988, I have been studying and testing different things on myself for a long time.

Skin health: Over the past twenty years I have seen and worked with all kinds of skin. My aim is to help you understand yourself and your skin.

Digestion: If our digestion is not working optimally we will not get nutrients from our food and therefore our health will not be as wonderful as it can be. This is one of the key areas to address when undergoing any type of healing and is the main reason I completed a degree course in Nutritional medicine. You really are what you eat, (digest, assimilate and eliminate).

Scar treatment / massage: Having worked with cancer patients for eight years I noticed that a great majority of them were having complications after surgery with swollen arms, painful scars, restricted movement, cording and more physical problems not to mention the emotional scars that come with surgery. While I have worked primarily with cancer surgery scars, all scars can be treated using the same methods of massage techniques, nourishing oils, supplementation and specific remedies. I've worked with all manner of surgical scars as well as scars from injuries.

Energetic healing: Some people are extraordinarily sensitive to energy whether it be sitting near a computer or listening to negative people or news. Learning how to balance one's energy and remain calm and compassionate in the face of negative energy or emotion is a wonderful thing.