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Detox not Botox!

 I completed the update to this book in January 2012 to include my nutritional therapy training. It is a four stage guide to initially making healthier food choices and gently, gradually, takes you through a Naturopathic style of using whole foods, juices and smoothies.

Also included are homeopathic remedies and lifestyle tips to
encourage greater healing.

If you only ever do the first stage you will be improving your health
through a wholesome diet that anyone can stick to.
You can still have coffee, alcohol and chocolate - how is this possible on a detox you ask? Well, buy the book and see.

Should you choose you can move progressively through the stages.
This allows your body time to adjust to the changes, minimising the more unpleasant side effects of most detox plans.

You can expect to feel lighter and brighter, replete with bounding energy, all of which are attributes of youth.

Can this plan really turn back the clock? If clear skin, incredible energy, stronger libido and a zest for life is what you're after then yes,
this can help get you there.

The book is available as a pdf file which I will email upon payment. Please allow 24 hours for delivery.

Included in the cost of the book is one email consultation with me
should you become 'stuck' along the way.

For £20 you receive a four stage healthy eating plan that takes you progressively towards greater vitality and longevity. Included is one email consultation with me to either get you started or help you along the way.

I have 27 years experience of living this way so you have a great guide!

Buy the plan by clicking the link below. It will take you to PayPal and I will email you the pdf.