London Registered Homeopath


"I have noticed a definite improvement. I am truly thrilled with this."

"For the last 20 years I'd been meaning to consult a homeopath and finally did it. Adrianna Holman is a compassionate and sensitive practitioner who consults with great doses of wisdom and humour."

“I came to see Adrianna with my daughter, aged 2 ½, who had been suffering since birth. For me it was a last resort -now wish I had come to Adrianna in the first instance. Adrianna helped us both understand the condition and how to manage it through a change in diet and a rebalance of her nutritional requirements. I have found Adrianna calm, caring, scientific and logical in her approach to helping us and I am so glad to have found someone who not only has an extensive knowledge of homeopathy but also nutrition.

The change in my daughter has been remarkable. We have noticed a huge change in her as a person. She is now a confident, happy, sparkly child with real vitality and a strong immune system. We are very grateful to Adrianna for freeing her from the emotional and physical downward spiral that had already begun.”

Thank you so much for your invaluable input -
I hate to think where we would be without your help - it doesn't bear thinking about."

“THANK YOU!!!! I now have an arsenal of remedies, tinctures, teas and lotions to keep me healthy.
I haven’t felt this good in YEARS.

"Turning to alternative routes, picking up a book by Adrianna Holman, thought well let's have a try, not really much to lose at this stage. The treatment, the hard work and unflagging attention on Adrianna's part, the guiding hand and humor which brought me back to the central issues even when I took off on wild flights of self-diagnostic fancy, resulted in feeling better than I ever have before."