London Registered Homeopath


Adrianna Holman RSHom BScNutrMed

Adrianna initially became interested in natural healing over twenty years ago as a result of her frustration with her eczema. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) from the University of Denver her curiosity took her to manage a health store in the U.S. while studying massage therapy under Sandy Fritz. After working with massage therapy for several years she moved to London to study homeopathy on the three-year full time course with the College of Homoeopathy and gained her registered status with The Society of Homeopaths shortly thereafter.

In the past ten years, further studies include homeopathic focus in toxicology, homeopathic methodology and understanding cancer, a foundation course in Kinesiology through T.A.S.K. as well as learning various techniques for rebalancing the subtle energy systems of the body with Delphi University. In June 2010 she completed her second Bachelor of Science specialising in Nutritional Therapy.

She was in the Evening Standard's "London's 50 most wanted health gurus" in 2006 and gives workshops on eczema and natural ways to improve health. She penned over seventy weekly features on natural health for The Wharf newspaper, provided homeopathic advice in the health section of the weekly magazine In The Know and is a reviewer for the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. She wrote a booklet to help others with their eczema, entitled 'Understanding Eczema', which is in its third edition and print and has sold over 11,000 copies worldwide. The booklet is part of the Eczema Survival Kit available through Neals Yard Remedies.

Adrianna was a founding member and Head of Homeopathy at the integrated clinic The Third Space Medicine in London. She is one of the original practitioners at Nelsons Homeopathic Pharmacy Clinic, the pharmacy itself being the oldest in Europe. In 2004 she initiated complementary therapy for the Oncology department at London Bridge Hospital and is lead practitioner for the complementary therapies team providing support for cancer patients and staff. She provides custom tailored scar massage and lymphatic drainage massage as part of post-operative recovery. In October 2010 she published Love Your Scar: Breast Cancer, a holistic guide for recovery after breast cancer surgery using scar massage techniques, lymph exercises, nutrition, homeopathic remedies and more. For more information see