London Registered Homeopath


My story

My patients often ask how I became a homeopath, and why I was drawn to the profession. In the course of trying to heal my own horrendous eczema I came to complementary medicine.

I had severe eczema pretty much from birth. My mother tried absolutely everything. She grew special flowers to make a tincture and a tea, would go to the ocean to get salt water for me to soak my arms in, cooked special meals, and held my hand a lot, often to keep me from ripping my skin apart.

I was covered. It started in my elbows as a child, and then the backs of the knees as it often does. It spread until it covered my entire arms, my face, neck, sometimes my back. It just seemed to have a life of its own.

I exhausted my family doctor. He had no recourse but more cortisone, more steroids, and little else but a sympathetic smile.

As a teenager I was sent to a specialist allergy centre for testing. After being poked by at least a hundred needles, all that came up was a chemical often found in latex. Finally my doctor said he would have to put me on steroid pills as the creams no longer worked. When he explained the side effects I declined and realised I would have to go outside mainstream medicine.

I was about sixteen when I started to read health magazines. This was the spark as I began to realise I had choices. I took my first 'proper' stab at altering my diet to see if it had effect on my skin. It helped to a point. I kept reading and trying different approaches to healing my skin.

After I graduated from University I went to work at a health food store in Michigan, called You Are What You Eat. The manager there took me under her very experienced wing and gave me a hands on education in nutrition, herbs, vitamins, minerals and different methods of healing. I worked with my diet and followed a stringent anti-candida diet for a long time. It helped tremendously but I still hadn't managed to completely stop the flare ups nor did I understand where they came from.

While working at the health food store I went to massage therapy classes at night. At one point in the course we had to take a few electives, covering topics we knew nothing about. One of the electives was homeopathy. We sold homeopathic remedies in the store but I did not really understand how to use them. Funny little sugar pills. Surely they couldn't do that much.

Well, by the end of that day I was astounded. The system of homeopathy made perfect sense to me and I wanted to know more. I made a mental note that one day I would study it when the opportunity presented itself.

For the next few years I worked as a massage therapist. The low point of that time was being unable to work for weeks due to a stress induced eczema flare up. I was beside myself and knew I could no longer be at the mercy of my skin. I decided it was time to follow that dream of studying Homeopathy. I left Bermuda for London.

Homeopathy was the key for me. Years of strict nutrition couldn't get to the root of my eczema. Homeopathy treated me as a whole person, complete with inherited weaknesses as well as life experiences that were stored up inside.

The result is an understanding of my sensitivities and areas I am continually working on. My skin is clear and remains that way. Stress can still cause me to get the odd flare up, as my skin is my weak area and always will be. However, I can get it under control quickly without needing anything stronger than homeopathy and herbs. I am eternally grateful to be free of horrendous painful flare ups and my aim is to offer my experience to anyone in need so they too can enjoy peaceful skin.