London Registered Homeopath


Other medication

If you are taking medication that has been prescribed by your doctor
YOU MUST NOT STOP TAKING IT without talking to your doctor first.
Please understand that I cannot advise you on reducing or stopping medication.

If you are concerned that homeopathy will stop your medicine from working or vice versa, that your medication will block the action of the remedy all I can say is that in the eleven years of my practice I have not seen any contraindications. The Pharmacy and Oncology Consultants at London Bridge Hospital have approved the use of homeopathic remedies during chemotherapy which I consider to be a high authority.

I believe it is helpful to everyone for you to be honest with your doctor. If you are taking remedies or supplements, acupuncture, yoga or anything that is affecting your health, you need to tell your GP. This is so important.
They need to be kept informed.

I have found most of the medical profession to be receptive to their patients taking care of themselves. Whether they personally believe in homeopathy or other alternative and complementary therapies is not the issue.

And by the way - same goes for me. If you decide to take antibiotics or use steroid cream I am not going to wag a finger at you. I will support your decisions and help you get to better health - period!