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All testimonials are in the person's own words and published with permission.

 The only thing that has helped me, after 25 years of trying, has been homeopathy with Adrianna Holman.
Finally, I feel like I’ve found a rescue.

"During 2003 I suffered from two major attacks of a virulent rash which covered great parts of my body, arms, legs and, worst of all, around my eyes, where the skin alternately burned or irritated. The first attack at the beginning of the year lasted three months and the second in the summer another two months. Since taking the homeopathic remedies prescribed by Adrianna Holman my skin has been totally clear - this despite the fact that I have had to cope with quite a deal of stress during this time and stress had been diagnosed as the major cause of my skin problems. I am very grateful to Adrianna and her knowledge and experience of Homeopathy."


Your email reminded me just how much you helped me on my path, helping me to make major changes in my life and basically what a gifted and patient healer you are.
Thank you so much (patient's emphasis) for being a part of my healing journey, I really feel blessed to have found you, I'm certain I wouldn't be where I am without your wisdom and also you challenged me to look deeply at my stuff.
Wishing you the very very best wishes and success...


"Homeopathy has worked wonderfully for me. Having tried many remedies, it has truly been the only thing that has worked. It is also a comfort to know that homeopathy treats your body and your self with respect."


 " I was sceptical at first having suffered since birth. Imagine my excitement after only a few days of following some of Adrianna's suggestions. I am delighted to finally be on the path to curing this."


"Turning to alternative routes, picking up a book by Adrianna Holman, thought well let's have a try, not really much to lose at this stage. The treatment, the hard work and unflagging attention on Adrianna's part, the guiding hand and humor which brought me back to the central issues even when I took off on wild flights of self-diagnostic fancy, resulted in feeling better than I ever have before."



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